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This is a list of what types of damage to use, or not use, against Dereth's monsters. Thanks to Jan and Semaj for making this list.

Monster Name:Weakness(es):Resistance(s):
Armoredillos, AllPiercing, Cold, ElectricityFire, Bludgeoning
Aurochs, FireElectricity, SlashingFire, Bludgeoning
Aurochs OtherElectricityFire, Bludgeoning
BanderlingsElectricity, Fire, Piercing, Slashing
Drudges, standardElectricity, Fire, ColdBludgeoning
Drudges, Lurker/Stalker/RavenerFireElectricity
Golems, CopperElectricity, BludgeoningCold, Fire
Golems, DiamondBludgeoningSlashing, Piercing
Golems, GraniteBludgeoning, PiercingCold, Fire
Golems, IceFireBludgeoning, Cold
Golems, IronAcid, ElectricityCold, Fire
Golems, LimestoneAcidBludgeoning
Golems, MagmaColdFire
Golems, MudFireCold, Acid
Golems, ObsidianBludgeoning, PiercingCold, Fire
Golems, SandstoneBludgeoning, AcidCold, Fire
Golems, WaterElectricity, FirePiercing, Slashing, Bludgeoning
Golems, WoodFireAcid, Electricity
Gromnie, AshPiercingCold, Fire, Electricity, Acid
Gromnie, AzurePiercingAcid
Gromnie, IvoryPiercingCold, Fire
Gromnie, JadePiercingFire, Electricity
Gromnie, RustPiercingCold, Fire
Gromnie, SwampPiercingSlashing
Lugians, AllElectricity, AcidCold, Fire
Mattekars, AllFire, Piercing, BludgeoningCold, Electricity
Mites, AllFire, AcidSlashing, Cold
Monougas, AllColdPiercing, Acid
Mosswarts, AllFire, Electricity, PiercingCold, Acid
Mu-Miyahs, AllFirePiercing, Cold, Electricity
Olthoi, allBludgeoning, SlashingAcid, Electricity
Rats, ColoredFire, Piercing, BludgeoningSlashing, Cold
Rats, DesertAcid, Electricity
Rats, MountainAcidElectricity, Fire
Rats, SilverFire, ElectricityCold, Acid
Rats, SwampFireAcid, Electricity
ReedsharksElectricity, Fire, BludgeoningCold
Sclavi, AllCold, SlashingAcid, Electricity
Shadows, AllSlashing, FireCold, Acid
Shallows Sharks, allPiercingCold, Acid
Shreths, AllCold, Bludgeoning, AcidFire, Electricity
Skeletons, AllBludgeoning, Fire, SlashingPiercing, Cold
Tumeroks, All
Tuskers, AllFire, PiercingElectricity, Slashing
Undead, AllFire, Slashing, ElectricityCold
Virindi, AllPiercingCold, Electricity
Wasps, AllBludgeoningDon't hit them with what they hit you with
Wisps, Ethereal and WaterSlashing, Bludgeoning, PiercingCold, Fire, Acid
Wisps, Ghost, Dark and ShadowPiercingCold, Fire, Acid
Zefirs, AllBludgeoningFire, Electricity

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