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Real Life name: Joshua Carmody
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I'Lokar is a Gharun'dim mage. He uses all manner of Enchantments and Life Magic, but when pressed into combat he pefers the blunt end of a Staff to the War Mage's arsenal. He is fascinated by the magical powers employed by the Empyrean and is always trying to learn more about them. While others fight monsters for glory or treasure, I'lokar would rather sit in town and research new forms of magic instead.

I'Lokar is loyal to his friends, and always helps others when he can. Although he is known to get killed a lot, he will always aid a friend in battle, regardless of the odds. He strives to be an asset to his Patron and a worthy leader of his Vassals.

I'Lokar travels a lot, but always returns to Cragstone when he is done. I'Lokar visited this town originally to see the legendary Thorston's Tomb on the Isle of Tears. He took a liking to Cragstone, for it's cheap mage shop aided his research, the waters of Lake Blessed allowed him to hide items while muling, and it's location admist the Empyrean portal rings made travel from that town to almost anywhere effortless.

I'Lokar is also responsible for the creation and maintenance of this web site.

The fruits of I'Lokar's magical research can be read here (Password Required).

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